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Melnor Turbo-Oscillating Sprinkler

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Melnor Turbo-Oscillating Sprinkler by Sprinklers
Melnor Turbo-Oscillating Sprinkler by Generic
Price: $34.71
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Aqua Sentry Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Owner Reviews
I bought this sprinkler for 18.50 and am using it in my garden. The angle of rotation is fully adjustable. The spray pattern width is also adjustable: simply move the center yellow levers and the rubber jets angle inward or outward... awesome design... you do not have to close some jets like on other models to make the pattern narrow. The sprinkler changes directon of spray effectively; it doesnt stall before switching directions like my old sprinkler. The sprinkler is all plastic and does feel extremely cheap, but i dont plan on leaving it freeze in the winter, running it over with my lawn mower, or throwing it against the wall... so i really dont foresee that as a problem. I am in the country on a well an the spray pattern is more than enough for my 35 x 15 ft garden. it also has a rotary knob that controls the flow, though i havent tried that yet, as i just run mine wide open. Great product so far, but i cannot comment on longevity as i just bought it yesterday.

  You Are Here: Garden & Lawn Accessories > Sprinklers > Melnor Turbo-Oscillating Sprinkler

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