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Lifetime 80-Gallon Compost Tumbler, Black

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Lifetime 80-Gallon Compost Tumbler, Black by Composters
Lifetime 80-Gallon Compost Tumbler, Black by Lifetime Products
Price: $136.99
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Featuring a 80-gallon (302.8 L) capacity, the Lifetime Compost Tumbler is the perfect addition to your backyard. The ingenious tumbler design easily turns on its axis for balanced rotation, and the internal aeration bar mixes compost and provides air flow. Constructed of  high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the Compost Tumbler is durable, UV-protected, and has dark, double-wall panels to absorb and retain heat. For added convenience, it has an extra large removable lid and a spring-loaded pin that locks rotation during filling.


  1. Load with Lawn and Garden Trimmings and Organic Waste
  2. Rotates Easily, Saving the Time and Effort of Turning a Compost Heap
  3. Microorganisms Break Down Moist, Well-Aerated Organic Materials
  4. End Result is a Useful and Inexpensive Organic Soil Conditioner and Fertilizer

Product Description

Lifetime 80-Gallon Compost Tumbler, Black:

  • Black, double-wall panels absorb and retain heat
  • Extra large, removable lid
  • Ingenious tumbler design
  • Turns on axis for easy and balanced rotation
  • Spring-loaded pin to lock rotation during filling
  • Internal aeration bar mixes compost and allows air flow
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance; no more messy compost heaps
  • Compost material is enclosed and helps keep pests out
  • Convenient loading height
  • Sturdy 1.25 in. diameter steel tubing frame
  • Internal aeration system
  • How to compost guide included
  • All hardware included
  • Easy assembly
  • Dimensions: 40 in. L x 35.5 in. W x 43 in. H

Owner Reviews
I just assembled my 80 Gallon Compost Tumbler, and it appears to be everything I was hoping for. It's sturdy, it's good-looking, and it's big.In regards to the two most common negative reviews...-- Assembly --It took me about 1.5 hours to assemble this bad boy by myself, and that's because my power driver ran out of juice half way through. I used the assembly trick of fitting all the pieces together, strapping (bungee cords) them together, and then drilling all of the holes to ensure they line up. Also, be sure to mark what sides match up for ease of assembly, later. It was a bit of a challenge to assemble by myself. If you have little assembly/mechanical experience, it will take you longer, but not much.-- Rusting latches --Well, I obviously can't comment on this since I just assembled it, but I am taking precautions by applying Rust-Oleum to all of the exterior metal hardware.I will update this review as I use the tumbler some more. Check out my customer images showing how to strap the pieces together.

  You Are Here: Garden & Lawn Accessories > Composters > Lifetime 80-Gallon Compost Tumbler, Black

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